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Three Ways To Grow Your Profits Using Digital Marketing

If you are facing a financial plateau in your business, then it might be time to shake things up. And how would you be shaking things up? 1t’s simple, digital marketing. Even if your company is already raking in impressive profits, you may want to look into the benefits of digital marketing if you want to keep on being in the lead.

However, with the wide array of options available in this field, you may need to narrow down on the very best ways to do this. The most viable options are the ones you want since time is money and you want to focus on the best return on investment for your efforts. Let us look at three ways you can use digital marketing to drive up your profits.

Focus intently on social media

A lot of people consider social media as just a platform to share photographs and crucial parts of your life with a public that would care less. It is time to break from this mindset because social media is being used by businesses around the world to reach millions of customers a day especially those who are out of reach. In Australia for example, you may be based in Melbourne but have a product with national appeal. So, considering that you may not be so keen on taking out an TV or newspaper advert in Queensland or Western Australia. However, with eight in every ten Australians (79% of the population) being on social media, your campaign is bound to reach more people than using traditional marketing strategies. The thing to keep in mind with marketing on social media is to be up to date and relevant. You would not find someone marketing on MySpace in this day and age while the rest of the world is focused on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Produce more valuable and potentially viral content. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) goes hand in hand with content marketing. Interesting content gets you more potential customers enticing a sale while SEO makes your content more visible in search engines. However, producing a blog every so often will not cut it. Consistency is key in digital marketing as are frequency and quality. Publishing an interesting article every month is hardly enough to maintain your client base. What you need to do is set a timeline, say an article every three days, and stick to it. This way, loyal customers will keep coming back and maybe even refer you to their friends.

Make SEM part of your marketing campaign. 

Despite search engine marketing sounding similar to search engine optimization, the two are actually quite different. SEO ensures your website's visibility in search engines using keywords while SEM does this with paid advertisements. This is achieved using pay-per-click campaigns which use keywords to target a specific audience. The important thing to note here is to conduct a comprehensive keyword research so as to ensure that the ads you place are most likely to convert into a sale.

Attracting new customers and increasing your profits are easy if you follow these simple steps and partner with a digital agency, visit this page to see more information about marketing agencies and how they can assist you. All you have to understand is that connecting with your customers on a personal level, which is what digital marketing does for you, is your top priority as is consistently posting valuable content for them. Once you do this, the rest will fall into place. So, you can just sit back and watch those numbers rise!

Just How Safe Is The Modern Elevator

Elevators or lifts as they are called in some countries, have been around for the better part of two hundred years. They are the easiest and safest way to get from floor to floor but there is still a good number of people who prefer escalators and staircases which would actually be considered an oxymoron since you are more susceptible to an incident taking the stairs or escalator.

Statistically, elevators are the safest way to travel. You are safer riding an elevator than being in a car and even though there have been a number of reported incidences, elevators still remain to be as safe as ever. There have been a few incidences in the past of elevator malfunction but to date, there is yet to be a death reported. One such case is the 41 hour ordeal endured by Nicholas White.

In 1999, Nicholas got stuck in the elevator shaft of his office building for 41 long hours. Yes, 41 hours. That is almost two full days. Naturally, anyone who has heard about him would be more than a little phobic when it comes to elevators. Poor Mr. White had only taken a cigarette break and when he took the elevator back to his office, there was a sudden jolt, the lights went off and came back on again before he knew what was going on and just like that, he was stuck. Naturally, he began contemplating death and walking into the proverbial ‘light’. However, the important fact here is that Nicholas got out alive. He was probably a little exhausted and emotionally spent but he was alive.

Free falling is what most people think about when it comes to fear of riding the elevator but this would only happen in the event of a fire or structural collapse. Matter of fact if you talk to any elevator technician, they will tell you that they can actually think of two instances where an elevator car actually fell and this was in 1945 when a bomber pilot crashed into The Empire State Building and during the World Trade Center attacks of September 11 2001. When the pilot flew his plane into the Empire State Building a cable snapped sending two cars crashing down. However, no one died in that incident. One car was empty while the other one had a woman in it. The broken cable coiled underneath the car setting up a good cushion but the landing was still not soft.

One might argue that the 9/11 attack might qualify as an example of a negative elevator incident but like the Empire State Building, this incident was not as a result of poor structural integrity. Besides, the estimated 200 people who perished in elevators during 9/11 mostly succumbed to free-fall plunges, smoke inhalation and eventual structural collapse which were all caused by the planes flying into the structures rather than a question of structural integrity.

Elevator factories and engineers are keen to insist that short of airplanes rammings, most accidents are caused by human error; generally people doing things they shouldn’t be.

Elevators are built to be safe rooms and in the event of an incident like what happened to Mr White, the safest place to be is actually inside the elevator according to lift consultants. Nicholas White drew the short stick alright, but he got out alive, safe and sound.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Paint Stripper

Thinking about using a paint stripper? Make sure that you use in a way which is safe and effective. Here is a list of safety precautions for those who plan to paint their homes as a DIY project.

Why you need to be careful when using Paint stripper

Paint strippers are compounds which contain chemicals to effectively rid of the old paint. The chemicals used in paint removers may contain irritants. Individuals who are sensitive to these might find themselves suffering from skin and eye irritation. Nut that’s not all, there are a few other drawbacks to using these chemicals as well. These include

  • Headaches and drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Some chemicals bare known to cause diseases like cancer and may affect several parts of the body like damage kidneys and the liver.
  • Some of these are flammable and might easily catch fire

The real catch here is to use these safely. Though they may fulfill the purpose but proper safety precautions are good for just about everyone who uses paint strippers.

paint stripperSafety precautions while using a paint stripper

  1. Make sure you follow all the instructions mentioned on the label. It would be a good idea to read the instructions thoroughly and then proceed with using the paint stripper. As most paint strippers contain a variety of chemicals the instructions for each of these might differ.
  2. Always wear gloved when handling chemicals. This would help protect your hands if any of the chemical falls on it
  3. It is advisable to wear protective clothing and goggles as well. the fumes can be pretty strong and you don’t want to irritate your eyes
  4. If you plan to use a paint stripper within your home always allow for proper ventilation. If possible keep children and pets as far removed from the chemical odors as possible
  5. Avoid using paint stripper near a heat source. Make sure you are far removed from gas stoves and kerosene lamps. These chemicals are pretty corrosive; it would be a good idea to avoid smoking while you work on paint stripping your home.
  6. Use chemicals which are made especially for stripping paint and avoid using chemicals like kerosene or gasoline
  7. The best way to dispose of paint stripper after its use is to do so in a manner approved by the environmental sanitation department
  8. Avoid using paint stripper containing methylene inside your homes. These are specifically designed for outside areas and have some of the worst chemical fumes ever
  9. Despite the fact that you wear gloves when handling paint stripper make sure you wash your hands immediately to get rid of any residue
  10. There are a few paint strippers which may have a bearable scent and are touted as being environment friendly. However these contain some amount of hazardous chemicals and need to be handled with care too.

If you are looking for a great paint stripper which works well and gives good results make sure you check out the ones available.

How Can an SEO Company Help Your Website?

Many people living in Melbourne have been asking the real meaning or services of an SEO company. An SEO company is always on the move to increase the number of visitors a site through various means like high-ranking placements. Any business that wants to remain ahead of the competition ought to improve their organic search results by hiring the services of an SEO company.

What then is SEO?

SEO is the name that is given to activity that aims at enhancing search engine rankings. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on displays results that they feel is authoritative and relevant. You can analyse authority by measuring the quality and number of links from other websites. Your web pages can rank well in so far as other websites can link to them.

Services of an SEO company

A search engine optimisation provider offers lots of options and packages for their subscribers ranging from one-time fees, monthly subscription services, and ongoing support and so on. A local digital marketing agency encourages users to visit your web pages, and shows search engines that your pages are interesting and authoritative. Search engines will love this, because they always want to display authoritative pages in their search results.

How Google rank pages

Google is number one credible search engine. Its duty is to promote authority web pages to the top of its rankings. It is essentially your duty to create web pages that are deeply interesting. You can start by writing high quality contents.

Contents that people will be happy reading any day any time. Quality contents are shared in twitter feeds, blogs, and social media. After some time, Google will be interested in these authority signals. This virtuous circle will go a long way in creating sustainable and strong Google rankings.

If you are not a good writer, you can hire the services of online freelance writers, who will use the right phrases and words to compose writings that will be interesting for people searching for your products and services. A reliable SEO company will not only tell you what they are doing for you, but also why they are doing it for you.

How to get links

The importance of links can never be overemphasised. Having high quality contents, guarantees your possibility of having natural links from relevant pages. Links will go miles in helping you. Great sites will only link to high quality contents, but they have no business to do with poor contents.


You are advised to do a proper homework right now, so that you can understand the type of contents your potential clients are looking for. Make it a point of duty to create a great site, write quality contents that people will be happy to identify with any day any time. If you have good contents, it will make it easy for them to share it. Try to do this, and you will be amazed at the result, you will that your website traffic will keep on increasing.

Was this article helpful? From the services we explained above, can you now see what SEO Company is, and how it can help you to advance your vision and objectives of your business, whether you are in Melbourne, Australia or in any part of the world.

A review of the threat setup for the Murray darling basin

Natural resources rank as one of the most treasured assets that should be given a high priority especially when it comes to conservation practices. With the added stress on the resources available, the concept of ensuring survival is a struggle against time and this is why consolidated efforts come in handy in the process. The Murray darling basin is arguably the biggest resource for agriculture in Australia and its decline in terms of productivity and potential is worrying. The main issue being a consolidation of efforts towards achieving the greater good, the basin should be protected at all costs if the agricultural potential is to be harnessed and maintained for years to come. The threats that have manifested in recent years include;

  • Climate change

Climate change is massively affecting the Murray darling basin through reduction of water levels and capacity that can sustain the utilization capacity that is in waiting. The basin serves a huge number of beneficiaries and they increase in number with each passing day. With climate change not doing the basin any favors in the survival bid, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain productivity along the path of agriculture. Climate change is also responsible for the aspect of food insecurity which places further stress on the river basin as the only source of agricultural produce due to a reduction in the area of arable land.

  • Unsustainable extraction of water for irrigation

This is one major threat to the ecosystem and it is one the authorities need to look at very carefully as it poses a major risk to the basin. The over-extraction of water from the river is the leading cause of a reduced capacity in eh same which is also leading to probable extinction of the basin potential. In the yesteryears when the threshold capacity of the basin was not exceeded, there was enough water for use in the irrigation plots and also for the continued survival of the basin but the increased stress on the water is threatening a destruction of the ecosystem. The potential of the Murray darling basin squarely lies on how the management of water will be handled and how the ecosystem will be balanced in the same wavelength.

  • Improper agricultural practices

As much as there is need for an increased level of agricultural production to cushion the food security status that is entrenched in the Millennium development goals, overexploiting the land and water resources proves to be an unworthy venture since it will further bring individuals to the risk of food insecurity. The improper application of agricultural practices is the factor threatening the Murray darling basin since it is leading to over exploitation of the resource in a bid to increase production which in turn reduces the potential of the same basin.

These factors are massively threatening the resource and they are part of the risk factor that can cause a dire situation in terms of the ability of the individuals in and around the area to have a sustainable operation in food security.