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Things to Keep in Mind When Using Paint Stripper

Thinking about using a paint stripper? Make sure that you use in a way which is safe and effective. Here is a list of safety precautions for those who plan to paint their homes as a DIY project.

Why you need to be careful when using Paint stripper

Paint strippers are compounds which contain chemicals to effectively rid of the old paint. The chemicals used in paint removers may contain irritants. Individuals who are sensitive to these might find themselves suffering from skin and eye irritation. Nut that’s not all, there are a few other drawbacks to using these chemicals as well. These include

The real catch here is to use these safely. Though they may fulfill the purpose but proper safety precautions are good for just about everyone who uses paint strippers.

paint stripperSafety precautions while using a paint stripper

  1. Make sure you follow all the instructions mentioned on the label. It would be a good idea to read the instructions thoroughly and then proceed with using the paint stripper. As most paint strippers contain a variety of chemicals the instructions for each of these might differ.
  2. Always wear gloved when handling chemicals. This would help protect your hands if any of the chemical falls on it
  3. It is advisable to wear protective clothing and goggles as well. the fumes can be pretty strong and you don’t want to irritate your eyes
  4. If you plan to use a paint stripper within your home always allow for proper ventilation. If possible keep children and pets as far removed from the chemical odors as possible
  5. Avoid using paint stripper near a heat source. Make sure you are far removed from gas stoves and kerosene lamps. These chemicals are pretty corrosive; it would be a good idea to avoid smoking while you work on paint stripping your home.
  6. Use chemicals which are made especially for stripping paint and avoid using chemicals like kerosene or gasoline
  7. The best way to dispose of paint stripper after its use is to do so in a manner approved by the environmental sanitation department
  8. Avoid using paint stripper containing methylene inside your homes. These are specifically designed for outside areas and have some of the worst chemical fumes ever
  9. Despite the fact that you wear gloves when handling paint stripper make sure you wash your hands immediately to get rid of any residue
  10. There are a few paint strippers which may have a bearable scent and are touted as being environment friendly. However these contain some amount of hazardous chemicals and need to be handled with care too.

If you are looking for a great paint stripper which works well and gives good results make sure you check out the ones available.